Entrepreneurs and the Search for the American Dream


The book’s central focus explores several “myths” associated with American entrepreneurship: the idea that small business owners are “job creators”; that entrepreneurs are the “engine” of the economy; that the Horatio Algiers “rags to riches” story is possible for anyone willing to work hard.¬† Instead, I provide a critical perspective that challenges these myths of American enterprise, arguing that successful entrepreneurship requires access to social and economic capital resources that are often distributed along the lines of race, class, and gender in the stratified American economy and society.

Entrepreneurs and the Search for the American Dream is a small book that is part of a series entitled, “Framing 21st Century Social Issues,” geared toward undergraduates.

Ch 4 Preview_Entrepreneurs and the American Dream

Keywords: entrepreneurship; small business; American Dream; ethnic, minority, and women entrepreneurs; social inequality; stratification; intersectionality